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Nutcracker Ballet Christmas tree


1. No refunds, no returns, no exceptions. All sales are final. If you are in doubt of what you are buying, please rent one first.

2. Pricing is based upon 3 factors: labor time + materials + workshop overhead. Each tree has a different price because each has required a different amount of labor time, materials, or both.

3. No hardware, rods or rigging is included. We will send you a list of these items. All items can be purchased locally; we will include names of companies that supply theatrical hardware.

4. For sales outside of the USA, see below.

Materials used for the paintings:
1. All Nutcracker Ballet trees are painted on muslin; a 100% cotton fabric. All rod pockets are rip stop nylon.
2. Some of our trees are painted on pretreated flame retardant muslin; some are not. Please know your venue’s flame retardant requirements before you purchase any tree.
3. All trees are painted using water based, theatrical paints.

All prices include:
1. United Parcel Service Insurance for the cost of the tree is included in the purchase price.
2. Paypal Seller costs: this is the fee Paypal charges Tuxedo Junction Fine Art to use their service. There is no discount for paying by check. See below for purchase by check information.
3.Packing materials including: shipping box, bubble wrap, cardboard inserts, packing peanuts, plastic storage bag.

Prices DO NOT include:
1. Price does not include shipping and handling. This will be calculated during the purchase process. Shipping costs are based on weight. See shipping chart below.
2. Prices do not include sales tax to paintings shipped to New York State. A 8.75 % sales tax to addresses in New York state will be added during the purchase process.
3. Prices do not include shipping via UPS air services. Expedited services are extra.

To purchase a Nutcracker Ballet Growing Christmas Tree:

1. Go to our Order Page, fill out the appropriate order form and submit it to us.
2. Tuxedo Junction Fine Art will calculate your total cost, including shipping, and email a Paypal Invoice to you. You may pay with a bank account or credit card securely through Paypal.
3. Checks: Purchases can also be made by certified bank issued checks, Teller’s checks in United States dollars only. No personal checks, no purchase orders. Company checks for companies located in the USA are welcome however, the check must clear your bank prior to shipping. All checks are payable to Tuxedo Junction Fine Art. Please print out the downloadable PDF Check Form on the Order Page and mail it to Tuxedo Junction Fine Art with your signed check.
4. Once you commit to the purchase, all sales are final. No refunds, no returns, no exceptions.
5. Your Nutcracker Ballet tree will be sent to you via UPS Ground Service within a few business days of purchase. Depending on your location, Ground Service can take between 1 to 5 BUSINESS days. UPS does not consider Saturdays and Sundays as BUSINESS days.
6. A UPS tracking number and expected arrival date will be e-mailed to you.
7. A bill of sale receipt will be included with the Nutcracker Ballet Growing Christmas Tree in your box.
8. Please be certain that your Paypal account and shipping information is correct. Tuxedo Junction is not responsible for an item shipped to an incorrect address.

Tuxedo Junction Fine Art Shipping Rates for Purchased Backdrops
ZIP Codes starting with 0: $55.00
ZIP Codes starting with 6: $70.00
ZIP Codes starting with 1: $55.00
ZIP Codes starting with 7: $75.00
ZIP Codes starting with 2: $55.00
ZIP Codes starting with 8: $80.00
ZIP Codes starting with 3: $60.00
ZIP Codes starting with 9: $90.00
ZIP Codes starting with 4: $70.00
Shipping to Canada : $95.00 U.S.
ZIP Codes starting with 5: $70.00
Canadian sales must pay duty taxes directly to UPS

Just like a department store, you can purchase your Nutcracker Growing Christmas Tree in installments. The layaway plan is only for backdrops painted by Tuxedo Junction Fine Art and is not available for "Paint Your Own" tree backdrops.

You choose the plan from the options below:

• Checks: 2, 3, or 4 installments. No interest. There is a one time $10.00 service fee for invoicing costs. Final in-full payment must be received by October 31.

• Credit cards through Paypal: 2 or 3 installments. No interest. There is a 6% Paypal fee with each transaction plus a one time $10.00 service fee for invoicing costs. Final in-full payment must be received by October 31.

You will be invoiced on a schedule in accordance with your choice of payment option. You will receive a paid receipt with each payment.


Tuxedo Junction Fine Art does not install electric lights of any type on our Nutcracker trees. We are not licensed electricians.
You are welcome to install on our trees yourself. If you choose to install lights, we recommend that you purchase one of our trees that is painted on flame retardent treated muslin.  Tuxedo Junction Fine Art is not liable for any customer related accidents or mishaps to the Christmas tree during the installation or use of electric lighting.


Tuxedo Junction Fine Art now sells Nutcracker Ballet Growing Christmas Tree backdrops outside of the United States.

Sales to Canada: Payment must be through Paypal or by a certified Teller's Check in U.S. funds. Canadian sales must pay duty taxes directly to UPS.

Sales to countries other than the United States and Canada: Payment must be made through Paypal; sorry, no checks. All import duties and taxes must be paid directly to the UPS carrier agent. Shipping rates vary by country and distance from New York state. To allow for time in transit, we recommend that purchases be made before October 15.

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